Law Enforcement

Calibre Press Announcement: New Course Offering


NIPSTA is excited to announce a new partnership with Calibre Press. Calibre press is dedicated to developing smarter, safer, more successful Law Enforcement officers. This partnership will bring new courses and opportunities for the Law Enforcement community here at NIPTA Campus.

Join us on December 10th for the first offering: Legally Justified; but was it Avoidable?

Law Enforcement Driver Training

The NIPSTA Law Enforcement Driver Trianing Program is certified by the National Academy for Professional Driving (NAPD).

The 2day and 3-day courses are designed to enhance the driving skills and knowledge of police officers. Training includes classroom instruction and hands-on driving exercises.

VirTra Training

The VirTra Training Simulator enhances the training events by thrusting officers into a multi-sensory law enforcement experience. Decision making is at the core of the VirTra training muddle, allowing officers the opportunity to continue to develop response to different realistic scenarios.

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