Driver Training


The NIPSTA Law Enforcement Driver Training Program is certified by the National Academy for Professional Driving (NAPD). 

The 2-day and 3-day courses are designed to enhance the driving skills and knowledge of police officers. Training includes classroom instruction and hands-on driving exercises. Program success is measured on a pass/fail basis and requires student proficiency on a written exam and in many driving simulations.  Vehicles must be pursuit rated for the driving portion of the classes. Pursuit rated Ford Explorers are accepted vehicles for both classes.  The Chevy Tahoe is only accepted in the 2 Day SUV Course.

A certificate of Achievement is awarded and the conclusion of the program. It is valid for three years and may be renewed thereafter upon completion of the one-day recertification course at NIPSTA. 

The SUV curriculum is a complete driver improvement program. Students develop skills and knowledge that will enhance their on-the-job performance. Caution and efficiency are reinforced each day of training. Driving activities are specifically designed to be intense, but in a safe environment at controlled speeds. 

Departments that participate in this comprehensive program will reduce their accident rates and liabilities. 

Recertification Course

September 12th

3 Day Tactical Training Dates

August 8th-10th

2 Day SUV Training Dates

August 16th-17th

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