NIPSTA Center for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (CDEM)

The NIPSTA Center for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (CDEM) aims to provide a solution to gaps in training and education currently facing pre-hospital, hospital-based and disaster medical care providers. No venue currently exists in the Midwest which utilizes exterior campus training props and specifically focuses on the continuing education necessary for medical providers to maintain the valuable skills required to respond to disaster scenarios. 

CDEM focuses on the entire spectrum of disaster and emergency medicine. Unlike existing training centers, NIPSTA’s CDEM is capable of actually transitioning the patient from the scene of the incident, through the process of field transport,and into the hospital environment. While training centers across the nation have been capable of focusing on a single milieu, few have successfully incorporated the entire range of the response, recovery and treatment process for victims of disaster. CDEM is uniquely positioned to actually execute this vision on behalf of a wide range of students while never leaving NIPSTA’s twenty (20) acre campus.

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NIPSTA Mobile Simulation Center

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