Crime Scene Photography: Essentials

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Crime Scene Photography: Essentials presented by On Target Solutions Group

This is an immersive two-day fundamentals course, December 4-5, 2019, designed to maximize the use of your equipment for recording court admissible photographic evidence. Focused toward personnel wanting to expand their introductory awareness or desiring a basic equipment refresher, while simultaneously learning proven techniques for photographing crime scenes.

Crime Scene/Evidence photography is a learned, specialized and supplemental form of investigative case reporting. Acquired photography skills will often result in recording critical scene conditions or details that official written reports may not comprehensively describe.

Attendees should bring available camera equipment including any accessories for in-class hands on familiarization. Course materials are directly focused on using cameras that have adjustable-manual setting-internal menu options.

Topics include: Police Photography

  • Equipment Selection Options
  • Equipment Familiarization
  • Manual Settings Photography
  • Exposure Adjustments
  • Supplemental Lighting
  • Overcoming Obstacles- Tips & Tricks
  • Comprehensive Documentation Protocols
  • Participant Perspective Inclusion
  • Impression Evidence Recording
  • Tripod Applications
  • Appropriate Use of Scales
  • Mapping & Use of Photo Markers
  • Analysis- Raw File Format
  • Court Admissibility Aspects
  • Usable Reference Material Resources

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