Evidence Storage and Management

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Evidence Storage and Management: Operations and Best Practices presented by On Target Solutions Group

This seminar is designed for both civilian/sworn personnel with custodial duties and those responsible for the management of these functions including supervisors and executives. Agency size often impacts involved storage variables-presented materials can identify employable options to preserve evidence integrity from unwanted courtroom challenges.

These often out of sight-out of mind minutia level duties, if neglected have insidious damage potentials. Criminal prosecution efforts combined with an agency’s public reputation and simultaneously the careers of its chief/Sheriff downwards to assigned custodians have repeatedly been irreparably damages for failing to continuously and appropriately manage this assignment.

Systematic evidence storage duties are often assigned with little or no functional training. The involved transactional procedures require efforts uncommon to other business type storage facilities. This one-day best practice course is designed managing a professional evidence storage operation.

Topics include:Property room

  • Gatekeeper/Right of Refusal Concepts
  • Safety Aspects
  • Integrity Packaging
  • Critical Documentation-Whys
  • Internal Integrity and Audit
  • Management
    • Personnel
    • Access Control
    • Error Response
    • Malfeasance
    • Agency Confidence
  • Professionalism Advancement

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