Firefighter Cancer Symposium

Firefighters have a greater chance of cancer due to the risks of firefighting.

NIPSTA, with support from Air One Equipment, Inc. is pleased to present the first Firefighter Cancer Symposium and Product Showcase to be held at NIPSTA.

Luncheon provided by Air One Equipment, Inc. to all registered attendees.

This event will feature lectures and discussions regarding the risks of firefighting and cancer.

Products will also be featured from the following vendors:

  • MSA

  • Globe

  • True North

  • Hero Wipes

  • Shield Solutions

  • Aegis Fire Gear

  • Lion Apparel

  • Dinges Fire Company

  • Spartan

  • Pierce

Lectures and breakout sessions on different topics on firefighting and cancer:

2019 Cancer Symposium Breakout Sessions

Times TBD





Aegis Fire Gear;

Particulate-protective garments to reduce firefighters exposure to potentially harmful fireground particulates, consistent with recommendations from a range of trusted organizations.

Chad Wenzel; President of Aegis Fire Gear


Globe Fire Gear; presentation on Globe Guard Exposure Reduction System; in combination with the most innovative turnout gear; Globe provides the gold standard in helping reduce exposure to toxic substances without impeding performance

Chris Moelker; Regional Sales Manager of MSA/Globe Manufacturing.


Task Force Tips Decon Pak/Rescue Wipes/True North/Shield Solutions; an overview of firefighter decon protocols with discussion of products we offer to aid in fireground decon best practices.

Joe Levey & Brad Kraut; Air One Equipment, Inc


Cancer Fighters:  Stories of Resiliency and Recovery  Various firefighters present their stories and host an open discussion of their battle with cancer and how it has changed their lives.

Various Firefighter Cancer Survivors: Mike Bloom, George Marinoff, Mike Schubert, Al Diaz, Patrick Jessee


NFPA 1851:  Care, Maintenance and Selection of Structural Firefighting Gear  An overview of the NFPA Standards associated with fire gear and how cancer mitigation is a new focus in these standards.



Cancer Centers of America








Monday, November, 25 2019

Time:  0800-1600 hrs

Cost:  FREE

Location:  NIPSTA (2300 Patriot Blvd., Glenview, IL)

For more information, email: