High Risk Patrol Operations

Dates: Tuesday & Wednesday January 4-5, 2022    Times: 3pm-11pm

PURPOSE OF COURSE: This two-day, 16-hour course is designed to provide officers with the knowledge, specialized tactical skills, and associated materials they will need to become familiar with and perform high-risk patrol operations.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The focus of this program is to teach officers three critical high-risk patrol functions: building searches, high risk traffic stops, and arrest team tactics. This course is designed to incorporate basic tactical knowledge, awareness, and skill sets for patrol officers when performing high-risk patrol operations.


COURSE GOALS:  To provide students with an opportunity to:

  • Understand the need to integrate high risk patrol skill sets in daily patrol operations.
  • Identify and discuss use-of-force and safety priority issues related to high-risk patrol incidents, including immediate defense of life, law and established safety priorities.
  • Assist participants in demonstrating practical knowledge and performance ability while conducting high-risk patrol operations, to include movement formations, verbal skills and firearms handling/deployment skills.
  • Allow students the opportunity to participate in realistic scenario-based training and demonstrate their ability to perform high-risk patrol operational skill sets.



  • This course is open to all sworn police officers.
  • Course participants should be physically capable of operating in physical situations, and may be required to sprint, kneel, and perform police tactical skills.   If an officer is physically incapable of performing these physical tasks, please do not register to them to attend.


The course requires every attendee to be equipped with a converted patrol rifle and pistol that shoot marking cartridges.  A limited supply of converted pistols and AR15 drop in bolts will be available for those that do not have their own converted weapons. Officers are required to have converted weapons and supply their own marking ammunition. Officers must have a minimum of 100 rifle marking rounds and 50 pistol rds (any color).  Officers should also bring protective mask and neck protection if available. Acceptable marking rounds include: 9mm Simunition / 9mm & .223 UTM & Force-on-Force Brands. Airsoft is also acceptable. Paint Ball and Simunition brand .223 marking rounds may NOT be utilized in this course.  


Cost: Free

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