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What are the qualifications to participate in the CPAT at NIPSTA?

Applicants must be 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.


When should I register for the Pre-Test Preparation Program and Test?

Register early.  The CPAT schedule is available on a "first-come, first-served" basis.  Applications are confirmed in the order in which they are received.  Applications are not confirmed unless payment has been received in full.  Confirmation will occur via telephone or email.


What is the fee to participate in the CPAT at NIPSTA?

The fee to participate in the CPAT process is $150.00 per person. This fee includes the Pre-Test Preparation Program (two optional Orientations & up to two optional Practice Tests) and one Test.  The fee must be paid in full before an application is confirmed. The fee is payable to “NIPSTA” by check or money order and is non-refundable.


What do I need to wear to the Pre-Test Preparation Program and Test?

The dress code is strictly enforced for safety.  Participation in Pre-Test Preparation Programs (Orientation and Practice Test sessions) as well as the Test requires long pants (no shorts), a t-shirt or sweatshirt, footwear without an exposed heel or toe, and no loose or restrictive jewelry, including watches.  Candidates must present this proper attire prior to participating in any CPAT activities.


What will I learn from attending an Orientation session?

Working with experienced CPAT proctors, candidates are given the opportunity to practice all eight CPAT exercises in order to determine their personal strengths and weaknesses.  In addition, the Orientation Sessions includes written and verbal instructions that will help to ensure success.  For these reasons, participation in the Orientation is highly recommended, but it is not mandatory. The option to waive participation in the Orientations requires written consent, but does not result in any fee discount.


What should I expect when attending a Practice Test Session?

The Practice Test will be both administered and be fully staffed as it would be on the official Test date.  If the candidate successfully completes the CPAT Practice Test, then he/she is eligible to receive a CPAT Identification Card from NIPSTA and, therefore, is not required to attempt the CPAT Test on the later scheduled Test date.  

How long should I expect to be at NIPSTA for the Orientation and Test sessions?

 - Orientation Session #1 - Up to 1.5 Hours

 - Orientation Session #2/Practice Test Session - Up to 2.5 Hours

 - CPAT Test - Up to 1.5 Hours

This will vary based upon the number of scheduled per session.

What is the purpose of the NIPSTA CPAT identification card?

The card may be presented to fire departments as verification of successfully completing the Test.  The card does not include a date of expiration.  Acceptance of the card is at the discretion of the fire department to which a candidate makes an employment application.  A $25 fee shall apply to requests for replacement of an identification card.

When do I receive my CPAT identification card?

Candidates who successfully complete the CPAT Test will be issued their photo identification card that day.


If I fail the Test, can I take it again?

Yes. A candidate may reregister for a future testing session. The fee to participate is $150.00 and includes registration for the Pre-Test Preparation Program and another Test.

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