What classes offered at NIPSTA lead to Illinois OSFM certification?

Currently, the following courses offered at NIPSTA are approved by the Illinois OSFM for certification?

  • Basic Operations Firefighter

  • Advanced Operation Firefighter

  • Fire Service Vehicle Operator

  • Fire Apparatus Engineer

  • Company Fire Officer

  • Advanced Company Officer

  • Fire Department Incident Safety Officer

  • Fire Department Health and Safety Officer

  • Fire Service Instructor I

  • Fire Service Instructor II

  • Fire Service Instructor III

  • Training Program Manager

  • Hazardous Materials First Responder-Operations

  • Hazardous Materials Technician

  • Hazardous Materials Incident Command

  • Rescue Specialist-Confined Space

  • Rope Operations

  • Rope Technician

  • Trench Operations

  • Trench Technician

  • Structural Collapse Operations

  • Structural Collapse Technician

  • Vehicle and Machinery Operations

  • Vehicle and Machinery Technician

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1. What classes offered at NIPSTA lead to Illinois OSFM certification?
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5. Where can I find the prerequisites for the OSFM certifications?
6. I have completed a course and passed the Illinois OSFM exam, why does it say that my practical is not complete?
7. I have Hazardous Materials Technician A certification, what must I do before June 30, 2019 to remain a "Hazardous Materials Technician"?