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On-Target Solutions for Executive Leadership



October 10, 2017
Who should attend: All government executives from elected official, management teams, department heads, public safety professionals and supervisors who strive to be an effective leader. 
Without understanding leadership and developing strong leadership skills, organizational success can suffer. 

Why another program on leadership? Leadership has been a recognized discipline for thousand so f years in the military, businesses, politics and government. Understanding leadership differences along with similar approaches across disciplines can be of great value to government executives. Advances in the understanding of leadership as it pertains to government service have found that the best leaders must have an overlapping skill set. 

This compelling and powerful program provides real world, successful examples of how leadership in government has evolved. Participants will take away a clear understanding of leadership styles and strengths, and what it takes to become an even more effective leader. You will understand the value in developing flexibility in your leadership approach to garner peak performance and meet organizational goals. 

What others have said: 
"This class brought a lot and I gained a new understanding of certain leadership principles"
?Great speaker- held our interest during his entire presentation"
"Very good examples used, great stimulating conversation"

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