PW Confined Space Training


Confined Space Entry & Non-Entry Training

Unsafe and poorly prepared entries into confined spaces are the cause of hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries each year. In view of these facts, OSHA developed CFR 1910.146. Many of the confined space areas that public works personnel work in and enter into are covered by this federal standard. Participants in this training program will gain an understanding of the compliance evaluation process.

Topics to be addressed:

•    Entry Permit Process and Space Classification

•    Equipment for Atmospheric Testing and Monitoring

•    Isolation of Spaces

•    Ventilation Equipment and Procedures

•    Entry Procedures and Equipment Needs

•    Labeling and Posting of Spaces

•    Recordkeeping for Training, Permits, and Equipment

•    Rescue Capabilities and Performance

The classroom session follows OSHA standards and training requirements. There will be a comprehensive review of OSHA requirements and discussion of how these standards relate to a department’s typical operations. Practical skills training will also be provided, with emphasis being placed upon proper equipment use and entry techniques. Attendees will complete a written evaluation of the material presented.

This program has been approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for Water Operator Certification training credit.

Program includes course materials.