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Management and Supervisor Training

January 29th -30th, 2020

Solutions for Managers and Supervisors is a career development tool to enhance and refine leadership skills experienced and new supervisors as well as a platform for those to be promoted to supervisory positions. This course is highly dynamic and involves a self-assessment and the realization that the people are the true assets of their agency. Participants will understand the importance of their tole in the shared visions of their agency and how they individually impact the organizational mission.

Employee Evaluations

January 31, 2020

Effective Performance Appraisals: Solutions to improve Performance. Evaluating performance is critical for an organization. Many executives and supervisors do not understand the ramifications of not conducting such appraisals effectively. Effective performance appraisals "set the stage" for the future development of employees as well as laying the groundwork for future employment decisions. This training will provide concrete, specific and uplifting solutions to conduct such appraisals.