The Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy (NIPSTA) is an intergovernmental agency comprised of municipalities, fire protection districts and other organizations located in the Chicago metropolitan area that have combined energies and resources to create a regional, state-of-the-art safety training facility. 

NIPSTA is designed to meet the needs of its Members by providing ongoing training of fire, police, public works and other public safety personnel. 


Located in Glenview, Illinois, NIPSTA was made possible following the 1993 announcement of the closure of the 1,100 acre Glenview Naval Air Station. The former federal parcel was conveys to the Village of Glenview and has since been dedicated for commercial, recreational and residential use as The Glen Redevelopment Project.

Feasibility Study 

A significant amount of planning and research was performed during an exhaustive NIPSTA Feasibility study, which was supported by 26 units of local government I Cook County and Lake County. The results of the Study are contained in a 250-page Master Plan that includes the design of the 20-acre training campus. An accompanying Business Plan prescribes the means by which the Academy provides high quality, cost-efficient training and educational programs to public safety personnel. 

Intergovernmental Agreement

The multi-year, $29-million initiative was formally launched in October 2001 by 17 Founding Members. All members are now parties to an Intergovernmental Agreement, Contact and Bylaws, which has be duly executed by each jurisdiction. This document not only governs the activities of the Academy, but also sets forth the obligations and responsibilities of the members and establishes an organizational structure that supports the Academy's Mission Statement. The members of the NIPSTA Board of Directors share a commitment to regional cooperation and economic efficiency.