Tower Rescue Training

Tower Rescue Training is managed and presented by Elevated Safety LLC on NIPSTA’s Glenview Campus. For more information about Tower Rescue and/or Elevated Safety’s programs, please contact them direct at, or by calling (866) 819-2194. 

Tower Rescue Technician

This 40-hour program is designed to provide operations-level and technician-level skills to all participants. The course meets all technician-level requirements outlined in the new Tower Rescue Chapter of NFPA 1670 (2014 Edition). Participants will become prepared for emergency response to high-angle rescue incidents involving communications towers, radio towers, and other man-made struScreen Shot 2019-02-12 at 12.10.37 PMctures.

Training topics include:

  • Tower hazards

  • RF safety

  • Tower climbing equipment and techniques

  • Tower rescue methods

These subjects will be addressed in a classroom environment and during multiple vertical training evolutions on a variety of structures. Written and practical skills testing will be conducted at the conclusion of this course, but state certification is not available.

Upcoming Tower Tech Courses

  • Please contact our Tech Rescue Manger if interested. 

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  1. Ken Koerber

    Fire & Technical Rescue Program Director

Tower Rescue Awareness

This one-day course on Basic Cell Tower Rescue provides firefighters and company officers the knowledge and tools necessary to safely manage the early stages of an emergency response at a cellular/radio communication site.

Basic Cell Tower Rescue instruction will take place in a classroom setting and covers the following topics:

  • Tower types and purposesScreen Shot 2019-02-12 at 1.02.44 PM

  • RF hazard awareness, monitoring, and mitigation

  • Tower-climbing techniques and equipment

  • Victim profiles

  • Fire company operations

  • Cellular site fire scenarios

  • Technical rescue operations awareness

Upcoming Tower Awareness Courses

  • Please contact our Tech Rescue Manager for more info. 

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